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Car clubs

Car clubs

Car clubs

Car clubs are a great new way to get access to a car without the costs or stress of ownership. They can give you the flexibility to use a car at work, while commuting by public transport. Businesses can also save money using car clubs instead of operating pool cars.

Just imagine using a car you didn’t have to worry about servicing or maintaining, that didn’t cost you a penny for insurance or tax and transformed from a hatchback to a people carrier whenever you wanted. If you drive less than 6000 miles a year, a car club can save you up to £3,500 every year.

  • Do you occasionally need a car but don’t want to own one?
  • Are you running two cars but could manage with one most of the time?
  • Do you have a small car and could use an estate now and then?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, then a car club is your answer.

You can set up a car club yourself with a group of friends, or you can join an existing club. Currently there is one car club in Wiltshire, and one in Swindon:

Co-cars in Salisbury.

Co-wheels in Swindon

Did you know?
Many people think that using public transport is expensive, but they often forget all the hidden costs of using their cars.  If you spend 30 minutes a day driving to work, that’s around £1700 a year in fuel and maintenance, not including insurance, Vehicle Excise Duty and the declining value of your car.