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Report a problem

Pavement maintenance

Wiltshire Council has the responsibility for the maintenance of almost all of the surfaced footways, shared paths and pavements within the county. The council regularly inspects its footways for defects where levels vary by 15mm or more. These defects are repaired very quickly. Surfaces that may appear poor, through cracking or minor surface deterioration are left for subsequent resurfacing. The Highways Agency has the responsibility for maintenance on its roads: the A36 and the A303.

Obstructions to highways

Items placed on the highway such as advertising signs, materials, and trading booths can be a hazard for users of the highway, especially the partially sighted and the disabled. The Highway Authority have a responsibility to keep public highways open and remove obstructions and encroachments which may affect the use and safety of the highway.

If you see a potential trip hazard in any footway or pavement, which exceeds 20mm, we would like to know about it. Please report it using the links below and the site will be promptly inspected by a technician and any necessary action taken. Cosmetic defects will not be repaired, as the key priority of the council is safety.

Rights of Way maintenance

The duty to maintain the Public Rights of Way network is shared between Wiltshire Council as the Highway Authority and the landowners/occupiers of the land over which the path exists. Further information can be found on Wiltshire Council’s website.

Wiltshire Council works in close partnership with a variety of volunteer groups throughout Wiltshire to carry out maintenance on Rights of Way. Regular tasks are carried out with local parish volunteers or with organisations such as the Ramblers Association and Cotswold Wardens, who help us to install gates, replace bridges and clear vegetation. Their work and dedication help to make valuable improvements to the Rights of Way network.

To find out more about volunteering opportunities please contact

Report a problem

Please use Wiltshire council’s highways reporting form to report:

  • a problem with a street light
  • a problem with a traffic light
  • a problem with bollard or sign lights
  • a damaged or obstructed road
  • a damaged or obstructed pavement
  • a problem with a right of way, footpath, bridleway or byway
  • a problem with a street or traffic sign
  • a problem with a pedestrian crossing
  • a problem with a bus shelter
  • a problem with a car park
  • road flooding
  • road spillages
  • a problem with current roadworks
  • a problem with salting or salt bins

Please note that highway maintenance issues on the the A36, the A303 and the M4 can be reported using the link above, but will be forwarded to the Highways Agency. You can contact the Highways Agency directly by email or by phone 0300 123 5000

Please report the following streetcare and cleaning issues to Wiltshire Council:

  • fly posting
  • fly tipping
  • graffiti
  • dog fouling
  • street litter
  • a problem with a play area
  • a dead animal on public land
  • a full or damaged public litter bin
  • a street that needs sweeping
  • overgrown grass, hedges, trees or invasive weeds
  • a problem with public toilets
  • needles and syringes found on council land

Please note that issues on the Highways Agency Roads (the A36, the A303 and the M4) can be reported using the link above and will be dealt with by Wiltshire Council. 

If your issue does not fit into one of these categories, please report it to the Area Boards using their Community Issues form.

If you would like to be more involved in volunteer initiatives such as Community Speedwatch or improvements to local facilities please contact the Area Boards using their general contact form.