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Flexible Transport – Connect2Wiltshire

Flexible Transport – Connect2Wiltshire The wheels go round and round

Flexible Transport – Connect2Wiltshire

Connecting Wiltshire is the new home for Connect2 Wiltshire.

The Bookaride website is no longer available and all searches will direct you to Connecting Wiltshire , where you can continue to access all the information you need regarding the Connect2 Wiltshire service.

Connect2Wiltshire is the name for flexible demand responsive bus and taxi services in Wiltshire that provide the ideal transport solution for our various rural areas.

Operating in many places including Mere, the Vale of Pewsey, the Woodford Valley and many more. The services provide bookable, timetabled and some door to door transport for anyone living, working and visiting these areas.


If you’re not sure which service you need, please refer to the timetables below.

Walking routes

There is a range of walks which can be explored in conjunction with using the Connect2 services to access start and finish points of the walk.

If you need to book a bus at the start or end of your walk, please book via one of the numbers on this page .

For more information please click here .



Connect2 booking and service information

Connect2Wiltshire buses and taxis operate frequent services throughout the day

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Connect2 Wiltshire - Frequent traveller discounts

If you use the Connect2Wiltshire service regularly then you could save money by purchasing one of a range of tickets that are designed to suit you.

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