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Safer driving as you age

Safer driving as you age Getting around on the road

Safer driving as you age

We all pick up some bad driving habits over the years, which we may not be aware of. In addition, road networks alter over time; there may be more congestion, new traffic systems, road signs and markings that were not around when we first learnt to drive. These can all make driving more stressful and less enjoyable.

Have a look at some of these videos about recognising changes in your driving and staying safer for longer, and check out these top tips for safer driving.

Safer Driving With Age (SAGE) is a programme designed to provide the safety of older drivers with the support and guidance to continue driving for as long as it is safe to do so. It addresses any concerns you may have about being behind the wheel and helps to enhance your confidence and enjoyment of driving.

SAGE will also reassure friends and family if they are concerned about your driving.

A SAGE assessment includes a short driving session of approximately 40 minutes and a discussion and debrief after your drive with the instructor who will make any suggestions that would help improve your driving. The total session time is 1– 1½ hours on roads you normally use, in your local area, driving your own vehicle. You can use the instructor’s car but this may incur and extra charge.

Download an application form from Wiltshire Council.