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Travel shift calculator

Travel shift calculator

Travel shift calculator

Our travel shift calculator is designed to help you find out how much money you could save by cycling or walking as part of your journey. It’s unrealistic to expect anyone to suddenly shift to 5 days a week of walking or cycling, but even if you do it just once a week you will get some valuable exercise and save some money.

It also caters for the environmentally conscious by showing how you can protect your local green spaces and our atmosphere in general, by reducing the amount of carbon dioxide being emitted in your exhaust fumes.

If everyone made just some small changes to their regular journeys, the environment we all live in would see huge improvements.

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Current fuel prices in Wiltshire

Fuel type Highest Lowest Average
Unleaded 125.9 113.7 117.4
Diesel 134.9 116.7 121.1
Super Unleaded 156.9 118.9 126.8
LPG 54.7 54.7 54.7

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