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Why cycle?

Why cycle? The joy of pedal power

Why cycle?

Did you know?
55% of car journeys are under 5 miles. It only takes up to 25 minutes to cycle that far.

Cycling has many advantages, the most obvious being that it is very cost effective and a great way to exercise and stay healthy. Depending on the length of your journey to work, it can even be quicker to cycle than any other mode of transport, especially if your regular route has a lot of traffic.

There are tax-free cycle to work schemes, such as, that employers can be part of through the government”s Green Transport initiative. These could help you save even more money and allow your employer to improve their environmental credentials.

Cycling made simple

Modern designs enable almost everyone to ride a bike, including people with disabilities, and with planning it’s often possible to find routes that avoid busy roads.

You don’t have to be a world-class athlete, or have the latest equipment – plenty of people cycle to the shops well into retirement age! You don’t have to start out as a professional cyclist, either. Cycling will still make a difference to your local environment if you consider:

  • Cycling to work one or two days a week
  • Cycling to the train station or bus stop
  • Parking further away from your destination and using a folding bike to finish your journey
  • Going on a weekend bike ride with your family on one of the county’s leisure routes

Did you know?
A 3 mile trip to work takes around 15 minutes to cycle, and will save you around £1.50 each day in fuel and car maintenance costs.