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Lock your bike

Buy a good lock and make sure you know how to use it properly by speaking to a sales advisor, or if you buy it online, watching an online tutorial.

Insure your bike

A good rule of thumb is that your lock should cost around 10% of the value of your bike. You should also check your insurance conditions. Some insurers recommend the following:

Bike Value Lock rating by Sold Secure
£250 – £500 Bronze
Upto £1500 Silver
Exceeding £1500 Gold

At home you should store your bike in a garage, locked shed or your house. If you do keep your bike in a shed or garage, consider locking it to an immoveable object. You can also buy ground anchors or wall anchors that are made for this purpose.

Bicycles can often be insured cheaply on your home insurance policy. It may be included with your policy or an optional extra. Make sure you check that it covers your bike in locations outside the home.

There are also many specialist cycle insurance policies that can cover you against theft, personal accident and third party accident liability. Some also include cycle breakdown cover. Cycling organisations such as the Cyclists Touring Club (CTC) or Sustrans also offer cycle insurance.

Register your bike

Make sure you register your bike with one of the services below as this can help the police recover it.

Bike Shepherd
Bike Register