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Shared path cycling

Shared path cycling

Shared path cycling

Code of conduct for shared use paths

When you are cycling, please:

  • Give way to walkers and wheelchair users and leave them plenty of room.
  • Take care around horse riders especially when approaching from behind.
  • Be prepared to slow down or stop.
  • Don’t expect to cycle at high speed.
  • Be careful at junctions, bends, entrances or any other places where people could appear without warning.
  • Don’t assume that everyone can see or hear you.
  • Use your bell or call out. Don’t surprise people.
  • Keep to your side of any dividing line.
  • Use lights when it gets dark or in dull weather. Carry a spare set of lights or batteries with you.

When you are walking, please:

  • Listen for bells. Bells are not an order for you to get out of the way. They are to make you aware that cyclists are looking for a safe opportunity to pass.
  • Allow cyclists to pass when it’s safe. Remember cyclists need time to brake and stop.
  • Keep your dog under control
  • Keep to your side of any dividing line. Please be tolerant where space is limited.