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Changes to the X5 bus service will result in quicker and more reliable services

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Changes to the X5 bus service will result in quicker and more reliable services

28 Jul 2016

BUS operator Salisbury Reds is to increase the number of services it provides along a popular route and make them more direct.

The changes are to be made to the X5 bus service and will result in quicker and more reliable services.

From Sunday, September 4, between Salisbury and Larkhill a half-hourly service will run on the current route via Archer’s Gate, Amesbury, Bulford and Durrington. This is to be numbered the X4.

Customers in Larkhill will have their service doubled and the route will be “much more reliable” for passengers because buses will no longer travel through to Swindon and get caught in unpredictable traffic.

There will also be an improved evening service with buses running hourly from Salisbury through to 10.50pm.

The Salisbury – Swindon service will still be called X5 and run hourly but the route will change so that it is more direct and quicker.

Between Salisbury and Amesbury it will travel the same way as the Activ8, then via Countess roundabout to serve Durrington via Larkhill Road, Bulford Road, Church Street and Hackthorne Road, then on to Pewsey and Marlborough as now.

Customers in Durrington will have the option of a quicker journey to Salisbury and the number of fast journeys between Amesbury and Salisbury will increase.

North of Marlborough, the route will no longer go through Chiseldon (where usage is low and alternative services exist) and won’t go into the highly congested Great Western Hospital site – but will continue to stop outside the hospital in Marlborough Road.

End to end journey times between Salisbury and Swindon are expected to be around 20 minutes faster.

Salisbury Reds have also announced that you can now purchase an Activ8 nightrider ticket after 7pm on Salisbury Reds operated Activ8 buses as well as Stagecoach.

Once purchased the Activ8 nightrider is valid for travel until midnight on that day and on as many journeys as you need to make.

Activ8 nightrider tickets cost just £2 and can be purchased and used on all Activ8 services.

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