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New Warminster Cycle Path

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New Warminster Cycle Path

05 Nov 2014

A new cycle path has opened in Warminster, giving cyclists and pedestrians a safe journey all year round. 

It is situated between Newopaul Way and Portway Lane and replaces a surface that, particularly in winter months, was very muddy and difficult to use safely. The newly surfaced path is for both pedestrians and cyclists and also has new street lighting to further improve safety. The project is part of Wiltshire Council’s Connecting Wiltshire programme with funding from the Government’s Local Sustainable Transport Fund.

Last year, Connecting Wiltshire also converted and upgraded Bartholomew Lane to a shared use path. This, in combination with the new link between Newopaul Way and Portway Lane, provides a much safer and more convenient route to both Warminster town centre and the rail station from the north of the town and the Bath Road Business Parks.

Horace Prickett, Wiltshire Council portfolio holder for transport, said: “I’m delighted with this new path. Cycling has become really popular, and cycling to the rail station will make people’s journey quick and more affordable. The support of the community in Warminster has really helped make these improvements possible.”

Colin French from the Warminster Cycle Group said: “This long awaited new route is the result of the group working with The Town Council, Wiltshire Council, Sustrans and local people who will be the main beneficiaries of this useful link. The group predicts that the route will be well used and it hopes to see an increase in the number of journeys where the cycle is chosen as a means of transport to and from work.

“The name Glovers Lane was chosen in recognition of the long connection with Dents and the town. We are also very pleased with the high quality of the work done”

The cycle map for Warminster is currently being updated with the new route and a new version will be printed in December.