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Salisbury bus stop changes announced as bus station closes

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Salisbury bus stop changes announced as bus station closes

16 Dec 2013

From the 5th January, Salisbury Reds will no longer operate bus services from Salisbury City’s Bus Station so plans for alternative departure and arrival bus stops have been created by Wiltshire Council.  Several new stops have been introduced to Salisbury’s streets which have been clearly marked with letter identifiers and the allocation of which bus route uses which bus stop has also been decided by the council based on the space required by buses and passengers.

Salisbury Reds announced that they were to sell the bus station over 12 months ago due to the high maintenance costs of the building, and the fact that only a third of its buses departing from the City Centre actually used the cramped bus station. 

Most buses will now operate to and from stops in Castle Street, Milford Street, Endless Street, Blue Boar Row and New Canal.  Most bus services will have a new bus stop location even if they did not originally use the Bus Station in a bid to minimise disruption to bus users and others travelling with the city.  Some timetables will be adjusted to help accommodate the changes and more buses will call at South Wilts Grammar School to reduce the number of students who would have to change buses in the City Centre.

Andrew Sherrington, Operations Manager for Salisbury Reds says that they regret any inconvenience caused due to the Bus Station sale but the ongoing cost of operating the Station would require steeper bus fare increases to sustain the underused facility.   “We would prefer to invest in improving the services we offer than maintain the site that could be better used within the city centre,” said Andrew Sherrington

A brief overview of where to catch your bus can be downloaded here: Salisbury – where to catch your bus

Full information as to which bus services will use which bus stops can be found by visiting Salisbury Reds or calling 0845 072 7092, from bus drivers or from the Bus Station.  Both Salisbury Reds and Wiltshire Council will have advisors in the city centre helping customers through the period of change.

Vintage and Historic buses will mark the end of more than 70 years of bus operations at Salisbury bus station on Sunday, 5th January.  The nostalgic Vintage Bus day will run six special routes using a selection of old vehicles   from bus station and all funds raised will go to the Hospital’s Stars Appeal.