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Personalised Travel Planning prize winners!

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Personalised Travel Planning prize winners!

03 Mar 2014

Connecting Wiltshire would like to thank all of the residents in the selected areas in Bradford on Avon, Chippenham, Salisbury and Trowbridge, who completed and returned our Personalised Travel Planning questionnaires. In September last year a travel survey was delivered to each door in these areas. From the 764 responses received, a lucky participant was selected to win the top prize of an HP Slate Tablet Computer.  This went to Tom Naylor from Trowbridge.

Tom Naylor receiving his new HP tablet

In December last year, a more detailed follow-up travel survey was posted to all residents in these areas. From the 213 responses we received, a second winner was chosen to receive another HP Tablet and this went to Katie Callender from Salisbury.

Katie Callender from Salisbury receicing her new HP tablet.

Stage 1 of the Personalised Travel Planning Programme went to a total of 4451 homes across the four areas.  From this programme we have indentified that:

  • 82% of those contacted on the doorstep found the conversation with one of our Travel Advisers useful
  • 54% who participated in the programme are now making new journeys by bus, on foot, by cycle and by rail.
  • Over 200 people agreed to take up a travel challenge and many of these people have now changed their travel habits by driving less on journeys to work, to the shops and for leisure purposes.
  • Over a quarter of the participants are new sustainable travellers, having not used these means of travel before.

This is just the start. Connecting Wiltshire’s Personalised Travel Planning will be reaching even more people across the County from Spring/Summer 2014. 6