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New bus fares information

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New bus fares information

07 Jul 2014

Have a look at our new information about bus fares. There are lots of season tickets and student fares which can help save you money.

Fares on First bus services have recently changed. 

The cost of single tickets within the West of England (which includes First bus services in Wiltshire) is now based on the route distance you travel, with five new single fares available:

• Up to three miles from £1.50

• Three to six miles from £2.50

• Six to nine miles from £3.50

• Nine to 12 miles from £4.50

• Over 12 miles (within West of England zone) from £5.50

However for many longer journeys the cheapest option will be the £7 day ticket which is valid on all First bus services for the whole day. A weekly, monthly or annual ticket could cost as little as £4.40 a day for an adult or £3.75 for a student.

For information about other bus operators, have a look at our bus fares page.